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 Jesus In a Bar

 Jesus In a Bar

Jesus In a Bar is a Non-Profit organization dedicated to sharing Jesus, his message, and his love with everyone, no matter where they are. We are a family of songwriting believers with a mission to bring the gospel through songs to places that need it the most. From Prisons to Hospitals, Nursing Homes to Bars, we believe that there is no place where Jesus would not go to share his love.

Jesus was called a wine bibber and a glutton during his time on earth because he was often seen eating and drinking with tax collectors and sinners. His very first miracle was turning water into wine. He loved people from all walks of life, especially those who were the most broken. This leads us to believe that if he were visiting the earth today you might find him sitting in a bar somewhere having a drink with a  complete stranger and that stranger might leave that bar forever changed. Churches and bars are similar in that they are filled with people looking for a community or an escape from life’s heartache. We hope to see these two worlds collide with Jesus in a Bar.

Every month we go into bars in Nashville and surrounding cities. The second to last Monday of each month is our City Winery residency. The first Saturday of each month is our residency at Johnny Cash's Storytellers Museum in Bon Aqua, TN. Each unique in their own ways. We have watched as the Lord has built up this songwriting community and grown into an incredible group of fellow believers doing life together and learning to grow in their relationship with the Lord. These nights have served the purpose of allowing our songwriters the chance to be bold in their faith. Encouraging them to get on the mic and share their testimony and stories with an audience ready to listen to their songs in a place they feel safe sharing. Who thought a bar would be a safe place to talk about Jesus?

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